Complete the test that helps you join Skoltech's Master's program

It's hard to imagine the future of power industry without modern IT solutions. That's why Energy Systems, a Master's program at Skoltech, is vastly dedicated to сomputation, modelling and data analysis. N + 1 gives its readers a chance to try and join the program. Students at Skoltech are not only studying, but can also research and gain practical knowledge in the industry.
This is the second part of our online test on energy systems. You can find the first part in Russian here. When you finish the test, you will be able to give us your email. People from Skoltech will email you if your answers meet their expectations. You can send your email only once. The results of our tests can give you some additional points upon entering the Energy Systems program. So, go for it!

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Девять причин поступать в МГУ Саров

Любите физику и математику и ищете достойный университет? Год назад в Сарове открылся филиал МГУ, образовательное ядро Национального центра физики и математики (НЦФМ). Руководство вуза к 2030 году планирует набрать 1000 студентов и 100 аспирантов. Девять причин поступить туда — в нашем партнерском материале.